Jay Z, Beyonce, and The Cultural Shift

Congratulations to Jay Z on attaining the financial status of Billionaire. This is the cherry on top of a long year major accomplishments in the black community.

Beyonce and Jay Z are the front runners of a generation of black or Nubian people that understand the importance of unity. As the world tumbles into the 21st Century black people are rising in status. The acceptance of black culture is capitalized with the crowning of Princess Meghan Markle.

Technology continues to pave the way for equality. Jay Z leveraged technology’s ability to level the playing field with his execution of Tidal, the music streaming service. The service allows musicians to retain a larger share of profit once denied to them by major record labels.

The information age has created a wave of knowledge and an idea of change. In 2019 that wave became a tsunami. Hip hop has produced it’s first Billionaire. This is the beginning. There is so much more to come.

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