The race for the first true rap billionaire heats up as Nas closes a deal with Viacom worth nearly half a billion dollars.

The media juggernaut Viacom purchased Pluto TV streaming service for $340 million. Nas’ Queensbridge Venture Partners purchased an early stake in Pluto in November 2014.

Nas has always been a living legend in hiphop. Known for his thought provoking lyrics and innovative flow, Nas is now leading hiphop and tech in groundbreaking exits.

Nas’ Queensbridge company is a venture capital firm with a portfolio of millions of of dollars staked in some 159 investments, many in the tech sector. The rap legend’s firm was an early investor in Lyft, the website Genius, and the online pharmacy company Pillpack, which Amazon purchased for $1 billion in June of last year.

Who will be first? Who will be the first true rap billionaire? Diddy? Jay-Z? Or Nas?